Who’s more diva???

So ummm, my sis Khit challenged me…and well er ummm…Check it out on my sister’s blog and tell me who’s more diva!

Check out our Sibling Rivalry!

Love ya sis!

~The Oh So Damn Diva Piece of Risse!

Who’s with me?

Risse is embarking on a new journey! My second life has become even more exciting with many ventures and projects that are underway! From being a host to Development Manager of the Virtual Basketball Association to owning my own spot to loving and cherishing my sisters and loving my hunny bunny! I am enjoying it day by day and look forward to what is coming in the future! So pack your bags…and join me! Hold on…the ride may be a little bumpy as we go! Pack light! Leave all that extra baggage where it’s at! No need for all that extra stuff…only bring what’s necessary and let’s go!!!

~On a Mission Piece of Risse

A day for loving and celebrating life!

Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day by displaying special acts of love! Some see it as Single Person Awareness Day! Either way you do it, before you show some love to yourself or someone else!


Valentine’s day is a special day in SL as 4 years ago, my big sis Khitten Kurka rezzed onto the grid! She is smart, witty, down to earth, and just down right loveable! My sis, Khitnista is a true diva fashionista! We celebrated her rezz day by doing a little shopping of course and spending some good old sister time together! 

Isn't she diva! She's still got it!

We ended the evening over strawberry cupcakes and coffee as we tried to stay awake chatting the night away!

Risse’s Pieces Fashion Spot…Grand Opening???

 Risse’s Pieces Fashion Spot is here!!! I am not sure how grand it is…but I figure since I am having a sale…ummm why not call it Grand! I decided to sell a few fashions from a few of SL’s designers. I have clothing for all the pieces of you! This spot features clothing from Thalia’s Fashion, Pretty Lady Fashion, and LaRosa The SL Fashion Cult! The spot is located across the way from Brick House Bar right next to the park on the Whatley sim! Currently until 9/14 all items on the first floor which are from Thalia’s Fashion are discounted to 100L for single items and 345L for fat pack!!! So head on over…and get yourself something! Three complete floors of styles include everything from casual to formal, street to neko, sexy to sassy! Something for all the little pieces of you!!! 

 ~Always On the Grind Piece of Risse

1,000+ Visits!!!

WOW!!! It may not seem like much, but it’s a lot to me!!! Considering I am pretty amateur  to this…and I don’t blog that often having over 1,000 visits makes me want to write more. Since I will be having more free time in sl since I am pretty much a free agent now,  I can devote more time to the things I love! Shopping, dancing, exploring, meeting new folks, profile sniffing, and maybe even a little building! Who knows? Look forward to more features and spotlights! I do have a few ideas up my sleeve…so let’s just see where it takes us! More to come later!  

What's next????


~Pondering Piece of Risse…

My Sis is a SLebrity!!!

You know you reach some kind of status when you have designers in SL naming product after you!!! Check out  Khitten Kurka’s shoes called “KHITTEN”!!! Available at the shoe fair from A-Bomb! Only 150L and this is the last day to get this shoe at this price!!! This shoe is the epitome of my sis!!!

Thick!!! (Thick heel option)

Juicy!!! (Juicy colors)

Well Done!!! (Very High Quality Shoe)

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Get yours at the Shoe Fair!!!


Auntie Risse???

Yes, that’s right! Auntie Risse!!! My Sis Gladi and DJ have welcomed in beautiful and perfect little babies on August 10! Three big and healthy babies are here and ready for the world!  Lots of new little fingers and toes, just perfect!!! Lily came first weighing in at 9lbs, then out popped another big 9 pounder DJ Jr, followed by a big ole amazing push for Antonio who weighed in at a whopping 11lbs!!! I guess all that milk Gladi was drinking really paid off!!!  Auntie Risse is staying clear of that milk!!! Those were some huge babies!!!!! We have 2 future SLNFL players and one diva in training!!! 

Soooo of course…I have to give you a few details on the process!!! The whole birthing experience was interesting! Lot’s of hee hee hooing, focusing, pushing,  counting, hand squeezing, yelling, and such!!! It was something having not been a part of any rl birth’s before! Renet was there as a coach until DJ arrived! Thanks Renet, because we sure didn’t know what to do!  Khit was there with her mitts on to catch any loose babies as Gladi began popping them out one after the other!!!! Khit was a great help to Gladi as her contractions got stronger and stronger!!! Toshi was there and encouraging as well. (Strangely, the birth aroused her to run out right after to go try and make her some soccer players…quite interesting if you ask me!!! ) I was there, providing lemonade  to my sis,who apparently wasn’t supposed to have it, but she was thirsty and in a lot of pain!!! Also, it was my task to make sure DJ got there!!! You know how sl can be! But after about 3 crashes and 10 tp’s of which only the one from Gladi worked…he made it just in time!!! It was a good thing too,  because those babies were not waiting to come out!!! And believe it or not…they actually came out!!! It was an amazing experience! Now you may ask…and the answer is no!!! Ain’t no babies coming outta Risse anytime soon! Natural Birth and no Epidural??? Please!!! My sis is a trooper! I don’t know how she made it through…but she did! Anyway, all 3 babies are just precious and as sweet as can be!!! Big congrats to The Bodenhalls and welcome to the family!!!


Yo! What up?

Yeah, yeah, i know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog, but that means life has been exciting! I’ve been hopping around the grid, meeting new people, hosting a new spots, and doing my thing! Elite Entertainment Management and Brick House have kept me pretty busy! All the events, all the fun, and  oh let’s not forget shopping!!! I have done my fair share of shopping around the grid as well hitting all kinds of sales! Well, a lot has happened over the last few months since I have blogged and I must tell you it’s been interesting! From Birthday parties to weddings, from pregnancies to breakups-makeups-switching partners-breakup again-makeup again-and breakup’s maybe for the last time, to meeting folks and ditching folks, from making lasting friendships to realizing who wasn’t a friend…I must say through it all it’s been a real blast! Now hardly any of this is my story…but hmmm I bet I have you wondering who’s story it is!  Stay tuned…you never know when, who, or what the next blog will be about!!!

It’s Oh So Soulful!!!

DJ Soul spins on Wednesday Nights  from 7:30-9:30pm slt at Brick House! This Wednesday night was like no other…I think Soul got much more than he bargained for!!!

Ladies working it for DJ Soul!!! R-L Melia Alex, Samena shamen, Sasha Rhiannyr, Valmia Wizenheim, and Lolo Streusel

[20:33:59]  Soul Zane: <<——is dancing with and entire line of women……can I keep up???
[20:34:15]  Risse Zeplin: lol…probably not
[20:34:16]  Sasha Rhiannyr: umm…time will tell
[20:34:17]  Samena Shamen: lol
[20:34:20]  Sasha Rhiannyr: LOLL
[20:34:20]  Soul Zane: WORK IT LADIIIESS!!1
[20:35:01]  Melia Alex: ++++++++Party Alarm++++++++
[20:35:11]  Samena Shamen: Get it Val!
[20:35:25]  Valmia Wizenheim: Go Sam!!!
[20:35:29]  Sasha Rhiannyr: yall betta dance!!!!
[20:35:56]  Melia Alex:           ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)  (¨*•.¸(¨*•.¸´•.¸
[20:35:56]  Melia Alex:  ~*~ SHAKE IT!  SHAKE IT!  SHAKE IT! ~*~
[20:35:56]  Melia Alex:          ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)  (¨*•.¸(¨*•.¸´•.¸
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:            ★(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)★
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:  _O_/   \_O_/    _O_    \_O_      _O_
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr: / }}         ()()     / ( ) \       ( ) \   / [³] \
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:   \\          / \       / \          \\        / \
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:   //           \  \      \  \       //         \/
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:  ~~         ~   ~       ~  ~    ~~        ~~
[20:36:09]  Sasha Rhiannyr: COME ON, COME ON…SHAKE THOSE BOOTYS!!

Plenty of Booty Shaking!!!

Another Great Sunday @ Praise & Worship!!!

It’s always a great and inspiring time at the Sunday Brunch on the   Mastadonia Sim with Elite’s DJ Quiet Strorm Emerald Ishtari!  It’s always a blessing to be in the place among others who share and feel what you feel. If you can’t make it, tune in on Sundays 11a-1p (PST) on WTRU T.R.U.E. Radio! As Emerald says…you can listen in world, on itunes, iphone, windows media player, blackberry….and so forth…but you get the point!  So plug in… http://techno.neostreams.info:8169. You may get a message!

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Love and Blessings…