Godmomma G to the rescue!!!

Ok…so my sis is a sl Godmother!!! OMG…talk about scary! Anyway…looks like she handled it pretty well…don’t you think? She’s actually a pretty cool rl momma…so sis, Happy Mother’s Day!!! Huggles!!!

Too Analytical….Moi?

So….I have been told over time the following…

Risse…You’re overthinking!

Risse…You are too damn analytical!

Risse…Damn you testy today!

Risse…Don’t think so much!

Risse…You asking too many damn questions!


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Well…in rl…I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist!!! Some call me the lab worker lady, the mad scientist, the icky lady (only Khit calls me this!)  or more than likely have no clue what I do! Well, you should know that the work I do is very important! Since this week is National Mediacal Laboratory Professionals week I thought I’d tell ya!  I analyze blood, body fluids, and tissue! I am the person behind the scenes who’s work affects 70% of all medical decisions!!! Whooot!!! That’s right…your blood comes to me! I do the highly complex testing  that provides the information for the to your doctor for the differential diagnosis!!  Don’t you want an overanalytical person taking care of that for you??? A person who doesn’t see you specimen as just another tube of blood. A person who realizes that each specimen belongs to a person.that person could be you, your brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, friend…whoever!!!  So with that said…I want you to take the time to watch this video entitled, “A Life Saved”… it’s a good watch I think! It highlights the role of the Laboratory Scientist! Enjoy!