Risse’s Pieces Fashion Spot…Grand Opening???

 Risse’s Pieces Fashion Spot is here!!! I am not sure how grand it is…but I figure since I am having a sale…ummm why not call it Grand! I decided to sell a few fashions from a few of SL’s designers. I have clothing for all the pieces of you! This spot features clothing from Thalia’s Fashion, Pretty Lady Fashion, and LaRosa The SL Fashion Cult! The spot is located across the way from Brick House Bar right next to the park on the Whatley sim! Currently until 9/14 all items on the first floor which are from Thalia’s Fashion are discounted to 100L for single items and 345L for fat pack!!! So head on over…and get yourself something! Three complete floors of styles include everything from casual to formal, street to neko, sexy to sassy! Something for all the little pieces of you!!! 

 ~Always On the Grind Piece of Risse

Yo! What up?

Yeah, yeah, i know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog, but that means life has been exciting! I’ve been hopping around the grid, meeting new people, hosting a new spots, and doing my thing! Elite Entertainment Management and Brick House have kept me pretty busy! All the events, all the fun, and  oh let’s not forget shopping!!! I have done my fair share of shopping around the grid as well hitting all kinds of sales! Well, a lot has happened over the last few months since I have blogged and I must tell you it’s been interesting! From Birthday parties to weddings, from pregnancies to breakups-makeups-switching partners-breakup again-makeup again-and breakup’s maybe for the last time, to meeting folks and ditching folks, from making lasting friendships to realizing who wasn’t a friend…I must say through it all it’s been a real blast! Now hardly any of this is my story…but hmmm I bet I have you wondering who’s story it is!  Stay tuned…you never know when, who, or what the next blog will be about!!!