Yelling Black and Gold!!! Nite Nite Lions!!! Tamed Kitties!!!

If you know Risse…you know she’s a Die Hard Saints Fan! The New Orleans Saints last night played in the NFC Wildcard Round 1 Playoff game against the Detroit Lions! When if you didn’t see it, let me tell you it was a great game, and the Saints were a force  to be reckoned with…45-28! My rl excitement carried over in world!

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Risse is Getting Crunk! Come on Rickie and Dre…you two can now Stand Up and Get Crunk with me since the Lions and the Falcons season has ended!  (Nothing like some good ol’ trash talk! On the real…your teams had a great season!)

Who Dat Nation!!! Yelling Black and Gold!!! Let’s Geaux!!!

~The Die Hard Loyal No Need for a Paper Bag Anymore Saints Fan Piece of Risse

For those of you who don’t know what paper bag fan means…Click Here!

Another Great Sunday @ Praise & Worship!!!

It’s always a great and inspiring time at the Sunday Brunch on the   Mastadonia Sim with Elite’s DJ Quiet Strorm Emerald Ishtari!  It’s always a blessing to be in the place among others who share and feel what you feel. If you can’t make it, tune in on Sundays 11a-1p (PST) on WTRU T.R.U.E. Radio! As Emerald says…you can listen in world, on itunes, iphone, windows media player, blackberry….and so forth…but you get the point!  So plug in… You may get a message!

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Love and Blessings…


Unexpected Messages!

I had the pleasure this Sunday morning of getting a personal reminder of just how good God is! I went to the Sunday Morning Brunch at  Emerald City Lounge where Elite Entertainment’s  Dj Quiet Storm [Emerald Ishatari] played positive and uplifting praise and worship music on WTRU T.R.U.E Radio! I have been dealing with quite a lot in my rl and I was blessed by some of the messages in songs that were played. Some were reminder messages but nonetheless unexpected, such as it’s gonna be a brighter day, no weapon formed against me shall prosper, how He sees the best in me when everyone else sees the worst in me, that He has not given up on me and has kept me through the midst of it all!!!! I am truly blessed to have been there with some fellow Christians in sl!  I just want to give a personal thanks to Emerald Ishatari for being ashamed and being bold enough to bring this to sl! Thanks to the staff at Emerald City for providing a venue and to those who got on her case to get her to do what she needed to do this morning which was provide these messages to me through song! I am truly blessed this morning! Feel free to contact Macy Sachs, Michael Surface, or Janaye Miami for other venue events at Emerald City Lounge!

Macy praising His wonderful name! May He Bless you and your mother!


SRM Gallery II Grand Opening!

This evening I had the pleasure of being able to attend the  opening of the SRM (Sunrise manase) Gallery II featuring the artwork of Sistagrlro Wei, Miles Eleventhauer, JudiLynn India, Miles Barbasz, Aruba DeCuir, C.C. L. and Indea Vaher.   I was joined by TahZhae Zsun, and welcomed by the owner Indea Vaher! We were throughly  entertained by world renowned singer TJ Oanomochi! If you have not heard her…be sure to check her out! There were lots of great folks there….too many to mention! Here are a few snaps of the gallery…be sure to check it out in world!!! It is truly a gallery of great art! We have a piece of the artwork by JudiLynn downstairs at Brick House in the back by the blue sofa!!! Be sure to check it out and support these artists!!!    

Indea looking great at the opening! Check out her artwork in the background behind TJ and Kain! Also some art by Miles Barbasz is shown here!


Miles Barbasz artwork on the left and some of JudiLynn India art on the right.


More artwork! Isn't this gallery nice!


You absolutely have to check out these pieces by Miles Eleventhaur!


A few pieces by Chriscloud Loon


 Be sure to check out the gallery and all the featured artist in world! Visit the SRM Gallery II today! You won’t be disappointed! There is something here for everyone!

Apparently Just a Lazy Saturday Night!!!

Decided to make it over to Brick House to join a few friends for a few tunes and good conversation!!! I managed to still find my way to the sofa and just chill out and collect my thoughts!

A night made for Chillin!


Although…some folks were tearing up the roof!!!  

Check out Fishbone Quan and TahZjae Zsun!  

Looks like Fishbone is keeping up with TahZjae!


 Sixes Jonesford and KandiLace Canningham smoothing it out!  

Sixes getting a sweet fix with Kandi!!!

Sayla Jewell even joined us!!! Check out the fashionable lady! 

Sayla getting her boogie on!!!


Chilling after hard work and love is in the air!!!

The Elite Entertainment Group is literally chilling at KHNY  Headquarters as DJ DNyce is spinning those smooth out tunes!!! 

Pictured below: right to left…. 

HoneyGlaze Delicioso, Skinsmoothnsoft Aries , WaltKeys Faith, Shaun Jharls, and Me! 

Chilling w/ KHNY


Also a big Congrats to Blue Lectar and Precious Vanviva! I had the pleasure to be at her rezz day/suprise engagement party earlier at the Golden Tantra!! Check them out as they smooth out the evening at KHNY!!! 

Love is definitely in the air!!! Congrats Blue and Precious!!!

Elite Entertainment Takeover!!!

Elite Entertainment Management Group took over the Spash Firehawk’s Splash Down Club and Mall  this Saturday night!!!  In this two part back to back event night there was lots of fun to be had! First up was DJ Naughty Nilla with that fire Host Jboy Rhapsody! Let me tell you…Dj Naughty Nilla brought the hotness! Next up on the takeover was none other than DJ Delicious with the gestureless host Shaun Jharls!!! The party was hopping as Elite took it over! If you missed it this week, be sure to stay tuned to fine out where the next Takeover will be!!!   

Elite Takeover @ Splash Down Mall!!!

Saturday Nights on the Grid…

Typically I spend my weekends shopping and such, but tonight w wanted a party! So my sis Gladi and I tp’d around the grid and hit a few spots until we found the party of choice! After passing on overly crowded places and places with next to no one, we finally found a hopping spot! We ended up at the  Diamond Cut Club! The place was popping with DJ Chamba Vyper and the awesome hostess FireEyezz Cortez until sl decided to TRIP! We aren’t going to go into what happened by you know how sl can be! Needless to say we stuck through it and had a great time! So if you are on the grid on a Saturday night late and looking for a party….Check out the Diamond Cut Club owned by JaMarcus Jonstone! Every time I tp in I can count on a great time!!!     

DJ Chamba prevailing through sl troubles...


FireEyezz working it out!!!

Weekend Events!

From Wilding out on Friday with DaMayor  to massive shopping on Saturday to a fabulous wedding on Sunday, and then to the ShakeFest that night at Brick House, the weekend was full of events and things to do!

Here’s a dress I snagged at the 50% sale at DNY! I thought I was going to go broke!

Super Cute Dress from DNY!!! Ready for a Party!

 Sometimes in sl, you need a break from rl. The dreary day was killing me! After the snow and gloom, I decided to catch some rays of sun and enjoy the beach in my new bikini from Amanda’s Fashion!

Just floating around clearing my head!
Posing it up! So diva!
 Notice the change in the lighting! A very cool feature I am learning to play around with thanks to Khitten Kurka!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  So after clearing my head and playing in the sand, it was time for a little glam and to get ready for the Ebonny Rae-Urbanking Burner wedding with my sis Gladi! Be sure to check her blog( for pics of the event! I will add one pic as I was amazed at the things that can happen in sl. The guest seats at the wedding were scripted or on a HUD which had us stand up at the announcement of the bride and groom and clap! It was so realistic! Too cute, couldn’t help but share this one, as me and my sis check out Dear’s glamorous dress!
Check us out clapping and checking out that glam dress!!! SL is simply amazing!!!


Later on that night, it was on and popping at Brick House with HarleyMC Homewood! Urban African music kept us shaking the night away!!!

Shaking on the roof top at Brick House with DJ HarleyMC Homewood! Perfect ending!

Friday Fun on the Grid!

So this weekend, I stayed pretty busy! I had written a blog on Friday about Thursday, however it disappeared. So as some point, I will have to rewrite the official second blog for the second time!!!  So, we’ll just move into this past Friday.  I started my day of course by Wilding out with DaMayor on Deep South Radio from 8-10am slt! We were jooking,  jiving, and just having us a good ol’ time! Check us out!

Wilding Out! Ya’ll see him trying to keep up!

Ya’ll can check out DaMayor’s lunch sets on Deep South Radio on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! You can put your orders in and he’ll be sure to serve up the tunes and some fun! This was the beginning of a weekend set for lots of shopping! I stay pretty busy with all the good sales and debating…buy or not to buy! Typically, my Friday nights are tied up with the late night set with DJ Sixes  at Brick House, but I was given a  night off! So I took advantage of it and caught up on some much needed sleep!!!