It’s Oh So Soulful!!!

DJ Soul spins on Wednesday Nights  from 7:30-9:30pm slt at Brick House! This Wednesday night was like no other…I think Soul got much more than he bargained for!!!

Ladies working it for DJ Soul!!! R-L Melia Alex, Samena shamen, Sasha Rhiannyr, Valmia Wizenheim, and Lolo Streusel

[20:33:59]  Soul Zane: <<——is dancing with and entire line of women……can I keep up???
[20:34:15]  Risse Zeplin: lol…probably not
[20:34:16]  Sasha Rhiannyr: umm…time will tell
[20:34:17]  Samena Shamen: lol
[20:34:20]  Sasha Rhiannyr: LOLL
[20:34:20]  Soul Zane: WORK IT LADIIIESS!!1
[20:35:01]  Melia Alex: ++++++++Party Alarm++++++++
[20:35:11]  Samena Shamen: Get it Val!
[20:35:25]  Valmia Wizenheim: Go Sam!!!
[20:35:29]  Sasha Rhiannyr: yall betta dance!!!!
[20:35:56]  Melia Alex:           ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)  (¨*•.¸(¨*•.¸´•.¸
[20:35:56]  Melia Alex:  ~*~ SHAKE IT!  SHAKE IT!  SHAKE IT! ~*~
[20:35:56]  Melia Alex:          ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)  (¨*•.¸(¨*•.¸´•.¸
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:            ★(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)★
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:  _O_/   \_O_/    _O_    \_O_      _O_
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr: / }}         ()()     / ( ) \       ( ) \   / [³] \
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:   \\          / \       / \          \\        / \
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:   //           \  \      \  \       //         \/
[20:36:08]  Sasha Rhiannyr:  ~~         ~   ~       ~  ~    ~~        ~~
[20:36:09]  Sasha Rhiannyr: COME ON, COME ON…SHAKE THOSE BOOTYS!!

Plenty of Booty Shaking!!!

Cooling out with DJ Dnyce!

DJ DNyce of Elite Entertainment,  

spun an awesome set tonight! Great R&B jams…including some older stuff and some new stuff! He jammed artists like Mint Condition, Joe, Solange, Marques Houston, Rude Boys, Total, and many more!!! I enjoyed the set…but can you tell me why this DJ doesn’t dance??? What the hell is up with that! How you spin such great songs and don’t dance? Well…I guess I will continue to dance in circles around him! Catch us at Brick House Monday nights 6:30-8:30 slt!! 

Dancing in circles around DNyce!

Apparently Just a Lazy Saturday Night!!!

Decided to make it over to Brick House to join a few friends for a few tunes and good conversation!!! I managed to still find my way to the sofa and just chill out and collect my thoughts!

A night made for Chillin!


Although…some folks were tearing up the roof!!!  

Check out Fishbone Quan and TahZjae Zsun!  

Looks like Fishbone is keeping up with TahZjae!


 Sixes Jonesford and KandiLace Canningham smoothing it out!  

Sixes getting a sweet fix with Kandi!!!

Sayla Jewell even joined us!!! Check out the fashionable lady! 

Sayla getting her boogie on!!!


Weekend Events!

From Wilding out on Friday with DaMayor  to massive shopping on Saturday to a fabulous wedding on Sunday, and then to the ShakeFest that night at Brick House, the weekend was full of events and things to do!

Here’s a dress I snagged at the 50% sale at DNY! I thought I was going to go broke!

Super Cute Dress from DNY!!! Ready for a Party!

 Sometimes in sl, you need a break from rl. The dreary day was killing me! After the snow and gloom, I decided to catch some rays of sun and enjoy the beach in my new bikini from Amanda’s Fashion!

Just floating around clearing my head!
Posing it up! So diva!
 Notice the change in the lighting! A very cool feature I am learning to play around with thanks to Khitten Kurka!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  So after clearing my head and playing in the sand, it was time for a little glam and to get ready for the Ebonny Rae-Urbanking Burner wedding with my sis Gladi! Be sure to check her blog( for pics of the event! I will add one pic as I was amazed at the things that can happen in sl. The guest seats at the wedding were scripted or on a HUD which had us stand up at the announcement of the bride and groom and clap! It was so realistic! Too cute, couldn’t help but share this one, as me and my sis check out Dear’s glamorous dress!
Check us out clapping and checking out that glam dress!!! SL is simply amazing!!!


Later on that night, it was on and popping at Brick House with HarleyMC Homewood! Urban African music kept us shaking the night away!!!

Shaking on the roof top at Brick House with DJ HarleyMC Homewood! Perfect ending!