SL Winter Wonderland…1st Annual Tour of Lights!!!

Guess who’s back? Did ya miss me? I certainly missed my Second Life! Since back, I have enjoyed the beautifully done winter sims and finding some other gems as well! Per Second Life’s Destination Guide,  the 1st Annual Tour of Lights, features 30 residents who have come together to open their homes for this free, self-guided tour through a variety of holiday-themed houses and winter wonderland landscapes. The Tour of Lights runs through December 21st! So dress warmly and don’t miss it!!!

These snapshots are from the first stop on the tour…It’s Winter, Ya Filthy Animal!

This sim features beautiful views and even activities for the big kid at heart! The owner of the sim has lots of places for beautiful snapshots and you can even rezz your own props without needing to be added to a group to do so!

Isn't it breathtaking!

Carousel Ride!

Tour of Lights_002_002

Tour of Lights_002_003I enjoyed this sim so much, it’s the only one I visited on the tour tonight! I enjoyed the beautiful views, decor, ice skating, carousel ride, many photo props and even hot chocolate to keep you warm! If you are looking for something cool to do and get you in the winter spirit, start here: SL’s Tour of Lights!

Luckily this sim will remain open to enjoy through Jan. 10th thanks to owner Crazychef! I hope you get the opportunity to check it out!


~The Exploring and Enjoying SL Piece of Risse!

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