Forever Grateful…

Sometimes you never know what kind of things life will bring, but through good or bad, I forever grateful for friends who are always there no matter what. It’s a pleasure to know that when I need a ear, a shoulder, a hug, or a laugh, I can count on certain people to ALWAYS be there. NO MATTER WHAT, kinda like FAMILY!!!! (Ok, I digress…lol)  This past week has been a bit rough rl and who really knows where 2012 is taking me…but I’m so blessed to have Khit, Gladi, Toshi, Emerald, SweetiePie, Dre,  and of course Rickie! Having a support system in you is like no other! Even though you may have not known what to say or even know the complete story, I am forever grateful for all the small things and each smile you gave me this past week! Even though we are many miles apart…you all are so very close to my heart! I truly hope that I am just as good to you as you are to me! Even though one of you kicked me in the shin today, *rolls eyes*, I still love ya! I couldn’t go another day without telling you all that you mean so much to me! Thanks for everything!

~The Appreciating her Blessings Piece of Risse!

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