The World Outside My Window…

People often wonder why I stay in nowadays…but hell it’s crazy out there! Go out for what? It’s safer on the inside!

My small circle of friends and family, I keep them close. The world outside my sl window is a strange place. I guess to me the relationships that I have developed in world are real to me. To so many others, there are no boundaries. I would never see myself with my sister’s leftovers! Especially not someone my sister was partnered to at once. Where they do that at? It’s like Sister Wives! I’ll take him Monday and Wednesday. You can have him Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! You can only have him on Sunday, because you’re the baby! You can’t  go out on Friday, it’s my turn? WTF??? I couldn’t see myself doing that to my sister rl or sl. I am so glad my sister’s Khit, Gladi, and Toshi, have respect for themselves and each other! We would never!!! It’s like tasting your sister’s….ughhh! Hell to the nah! It’s less drama inside my window. I don’t have to be a prisoner of stupidity! I don’t have to first hand witness the strange relationships! That’s just nassy! I was disturbed enough to come out of my blogging hiatus! People get real! If you are doing this in second life…what are you doing in your first life? I hope folks get a clue in 2012! Happy New Year! I’ll be in my own world tonight!

~The Wondering WTF Piece of Risse!

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